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Baby Bear Foldable Sleeping Blanket Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Total 2 Blankets)

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A cute warm blanket for your baby

Tuck in your little one and keep him/her safe, warm and comfortable in this absolutely adorable plush bear baby blanket. A great way to make your baby even cuter and keep him/her safe and warm.

Baby bear blanket

Perfect for newborns and toddlers

Soft, lightweight and breathable
The swaddle wraps are made of baby-safe and natural cotton which can keep your newborn perfectly wrapped and sleeping peacefully. The lightweight fabric prevents overheating and keeps your newborn comfortable.

Charming design
The cute white bear hoodie with a windproof cap design protecting the baby’s ears and keeping them warm stays warm all night. Designed with separate feet, it allows a baby to kick, but cannot be kicked off.

Suitable for infants and toddlers
The swaddles come in gender-neutral designs and are excellently fit for babies. 

Ideal Baby Shower Gift
This blanket can be used as a stroller blanket, for the nursery, as a multipurpose blanket or a sleeping sack for your toddler to feel secure and warm in.

A great baby sleeping bag

Made of quality plush sustainable fabrics that are breathable and very gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Super soft, smooth, and comfortable, it is a great blanket for babies, which will wrap your little one with warmth and care. The first layer is a fleece. The second layer of imitation silk cotton, 200G imitation silk cotton, feels thick, increase the degree of warmth. The third layer of pure cotton cloth, is soft and comfortable, suitable for close-fitting wear, skin-friendly breathable.

Note: The largest size makes these swaddling blankets useful for a long time after the neonatal period.

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